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Did Hudson ever have a dual point distributor? A friend of mine has one on his54. Was this from another make of car?


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    John These were aftermarket options.  One of the major manufactures was Mallory. They pretty much had dual point distributors for about any make years ago.
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    I had a Mallory unit on my '38 8-cyl sedan.  It performed very well, even in the many "wound way up" occasions at the drag strip.  (And we won the class every time we took it there!)
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    Thanks for the information
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    Found on my website - Ignition System page :
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    Don't for get the H 8 for 1930 to 32  had dual points
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    Using a dual point distributor gives you a longer dwell time.  As you get to 8 cylinders and above, this becomes more important due to the decreased dwell. On 12 and 16 cylinder engines a dual point or even two separate distributors is required
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