Anyone watch the TV series "Genius"?

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I don't.  But evidently one scene takes place at a re-created Hudson dealership:

I spotted this over at the Internet Movie Car DataBase.  The photo is under the category "Hudson -- Unknown".  Several of the IMCDB viewers tried to identify the model of the '54 convertible in the middle, but failed to note the second '54 beyond it, and the Jet in the foreground.  Maybe someone should meander over to the website and do some identifyin' .   

Is this some H-E-T member's backyard mancave?   (Isn't that a Hudson poster toward the middle of the photo?)

Here is another view of the same dealership: notice the "6 = 8" sticker on the windshield at right?


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    The Renners and other members of their Chapter provided cars for this scene.  They described their involvement in a chapter newsletter earlier this year.
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    That sounds like fun!  Did the story end up in the WTN (and if so, which issue)?
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