Stepdown heater valve

53NamedGeorge53NamedGeorge Posts: 52Member
I am looking for a ranco heater control valve. 
A freak incident forced me to open it up again.
I rebuilt it but I had to tear into it again cause it wasn’t shuting and I’m getting boiled out at 65. 
Some of the tabs broke off on rebuild#2 and now it won’t work with the dash switch . Has anyone make a hold down bracket for there broken tabed heater valve?
does anyone have one that I might be able to take off there hands? 
Thanks for any help! 


  • LanceLance Posts: 1,026Member
    Blake I rebuild these and have for close to twenty years. I keep rebuilt ones in stock . It would depend on which year Hudson you have to get you the correct model of Ranco valve. You can call me and I'll be happy to help. Lance. 704 792 911zero. 
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,364Senior Contributor
    Lance's rebuilds are great. Mine has been working for 16 years now!
  • 53NamedGeorge53NamedGeorge Posts: 52Member
    @50C8DAN Thanks for that! I have one on the way! 
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