1936 Hudson 8 radiator needed

RocketRocket Posts: 476Senior Contributor
I am in need of a complete 1936 Hudson 8 radiator it has to be a 1936 Hudson 8 because a 1936 Terraplane is different and will not work any body have one they will sell thanks.


  • terraplane8terraplane8 Posts: 566Senior Contributor
    Sounds like you have a project, what are you building?
  • RocketRocket Posts: 476Senior Contributor
    I am building a 1936 Hudson 8 rumble seat coupe model 64.
  • RocketRocket Posts: 476Senior Contributor
    I am still in need or a radiator for my 36 Hudson 8
  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,573Senior Contributor
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    Do you have one that needs recored? I may have a good one with modern core for a '37 or '38, however, I dont know the exact year and if side brackets are same for '36.
  • RocketRocket Posts: 476Senior Contributor
    Hi ol racer thank you for the posting my problem is I do not have a radiator at all and the only one that will fit has to come from a 36 Hudson the 36 Terraplane is not the same and will not work this is a one year only radiator that is why I am still looking and I need a complete one with all the sheet metal on it Tom.
  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,573Senior Contributor
    have you tried Stu Coleman in Montana  406 333 4964 or the Albright Hudson Garage in California. I understand needing the surrounding panels. As a last resort, I have a '37 Hudson 8 thick 4 core with all the surround panels apart but put in an aluminum instead because I built a resto Rod with Hornet instead of 8 cyl. I believe different surround than '36, but if they would help for installing a replacement core let me know .
  • ToddhToddh Posts: 167Member
    Another place to try is Al Saffran in Arizona. He advertises in the WTN
  • RocketRocket Posts: 476Senior Contributor
    Thanks Toddh I have already called Al he dose not have anything I will try Stu on Wed.
  • RocketRocket Posts: 476Senior Contributor
    I am still looking for a radiator.
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