Interior Trim Question

On the 28 and 29, both Hudson and Essex, the bodies by Hudson are identical. Today's question is about the 'C' pillar trim in the standard sedan. I'm hoping somebody with a 29 can let me know the answers that I can apply to my 28.

The trim holes for attachment, are at 2", 8-1/2, 15, and 18-1/2 in from the top. It's pretty obvious that these are the holes that hold the trim in place, and the trim holds the windlace. But proceeding down there seems to be a pair of small holes, and then a hex hole at 26" that maybe accommodates a locating stud. So I'm wondering if the two small holes at 20 -1/2 in and 22 -1/8 in from the top are possibly for an armrest? Or is this some other upholstery item that's supposed to go in there that I don't know about?

I want to get this right. Any info will help me with my guessing. Tom in NJ
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