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Can anyone please put up pictures of windscreen washer jets for a 52 model. Mine does not have installed but have managed to find the bottle and dash mounted switch.




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    On my 51 there was a tiny screw in the side of each wiper transmission. I found new trico jets on eBay and they screwed right in. The wiper transmissions already had the little pipes inside under the dash. The wiper switch already had the button in it and the pipes on the back. Just had to mount the jar and run the hoses. This was on a 51 Commodore.
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    Thank you
    Will have a look tonight. Were tyhe trico jets generic or specific to hudsons?
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    None of my cars have washers on them so I am not sure exactly what they look like, but a quick search shows another member 3d prints them.
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    I’ve never seen a complete set up on a step down, is there an electric pump as well?
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    I have the button on my '54 but someone removed the rest of the unit.  I have bought the pieces but have not tried to install it.  It uses engine vacuum, not electric pump.
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    Thanks 50C8DAN
    That has answered my question. I have electric wipers fitted so going to try and modify hudson unit. 
    Want to keep original hudson unit
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    Does anyone have a picture of the wiper transmission with the little pipes as mentioned by 29sptphaeton?
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    Wiper stanchion is for 1939 and is pictured upside-down.  Brass pipe for hose from wiper fluid bottle is next to chain sprocket at left side.  Head of slotted plug can be seen protruding from side of chrome stanchion nearest camera.  Unscrew, remove, and replace with screw-on nozzle.
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    Thank you so much.
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    Few more questions are all the trico nozzles the same thread and does anyone know the size of the tubing required?
    Sorry for silly questions but very limited resources in Australia.
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    The July 1954 Hudson 'Service Merchandiser" has a nice illustration and description for the windshield washer installation on Stepdowns and Jets.  You can view it via the club on-line library.  Hope this is of some help.  
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    I also have washers on my 46 pickup. I took the setup off of a 47 Commodore parts car. The jets mounted on the cowl in front of the wiper transmissions. The jets were pitted and I found an NOS set on eBay. On the 46 the jar mounts on the firewall, on the 51 it mounts on the passenger fender on the 46 you mount a button on or under the dash.
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    Thanks for all the info. I am getting there just playing around to convert grom vacuum operation to 12 volt but keeping looking original. 
    railnight thank for info.
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