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Hello all.  

Engine was a 56 crate engine put into my 51 sedan years ago (probably 45 years ago) and I'm not sure if they ever got it running. Engine is out right now getting valve seats surfaced and new valves put in because the old had rust pits from just being 'open' all these years of not running.  Bores are fine and under the pan everything looks brand new.  

My machinist was pulling the springs and emailed my pictures immediately as it looks like I have two different types of hydraulic lifters.  Is one of them missing a piece?  Like a cap?  I cannot find a picture or diagram of these things anywhere. 

Here is a picture of one on the left side.  It has the spring at the top. 

And here is one that looks different...

Which type is correct?  

Is there a way to bench test these things?  Should I change to solid tappets?  Would I need to change cam?  

I would look it up in the mechanical procedures book, but there is literally nothing.  

Thanks for any insight you all might be able to provide. 



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    bump for the weekend
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    All the lifters in my '56 engine looked like the left one in your first picture. Cam profiles are different between solid and hydraulic cams.
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