308 Engine Block Possibly Needed for 53 Hornet

bjgundbjgund Posts: 44Member
Hi Hudsonites:
My engine block for my 53 Hudson Hornet is in the machine shop & they have found some serious hairline heat cracks coming from the valves to the cylinder wall. As a mininum, the block will need sleeved. May need to locate a replacement block if this one can't be repaired & the cracks are too deep down the wall.  Right now looking for what might be available out there in Hudsonland, preferably within a reasonable driving distance from southcentral Pennsylvania.  If you all could post what you know of or have available & what is not junk, please do so. I would like to drive to pick one up but if I have to, I can have it shipped, even though that is the least financial option right now. My current block is dated September 1952. Thanks.


  • bjgundbjgund Posts: 44Member
    You can also call me with any leads at 717-360-4910. Thanks.
  • vw4x4vw4x4 Posts: 3Member
    Hey,  I have a 262 wide block for sale...  It in Pgh. PA 
    See my recent add..here in the "parts for sale" section
  • MartinMartin Posts: 44Member
    Check with Lance Walker...hudsonparts.com
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