Hudson Parts Sale: Carl Wennberg estate, LaPlata, Maryland, Oct. 30

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Our chapter lost one of its members earlier this year, and his family is holding a barn sale of his parts.

I was given a flyer for the sale, but I myself can offer no lists of what is for sale.  I will say that it's stored in a new barn-like garage on his property, and there is a lot of stuff -- mostly for the Step-Down era but some of it for earlier.

The flyer I was given can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

UPDATE: the family has sent me several photos of some of the stuff for sale.  There's much more (I've been there).  See below.  Also, I have the name of someone you can call for information.  It's John Brough (pronounced "Brewk"), his phone number is 240-210-1183. His e-mail address is (delete the xxx before sending).


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    Jon that appears to be only the front page of the flyer
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    It's a one-page flyer.
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    Just a reminder:  Hudson Parts Sale from the estate of Carl Wennberg, takes place tomorrow -- Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021 at 9635 Sharon Ave., LaPlata, Md.  (this is in Southern Maryland, south of Washington, D.C.).  Hours: 8 AM to 1 PM.  All cars except two are now sold.  Vast quantities of Hudson stuff, a lot of it N.O.S., mostly for StepDowns but also for cars dating as far back as 1937.  Information is available from John Brough (pronounced Brewk) at 240-210-1183. His e-mail address is (delete the xxx before sending).
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    Just got back from the sale.  Lot of misc. stuff but you need to be willing to dig and know what you are looking for.
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    I had heard this has been picked over for some time now.  When I heard that, I canned my trip there
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    That may be true from what I could tell.  I did not find much that I could use.  Lot of random exterior trim, chrome and stainless parts, etc.  A few odds and ends engines and engine parts, some however were not for sale.  A lot of Chesapeake Bay Chapter nick-knacks.  Metropolitan had been sold prior.  
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    I was there as well. I found a carrot for BigSky and bought a bunch of gaskets, a NOS license plate light for my ‘39, a traffic light viewer and some early model sun visors. I guess it is all what you are looking for..
    there were some beautiful’49 commodore horn centers that were still there when I left. If I had a ‘49, I would have bought them instantly..
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    I got there later, around noon, found some weatherstripping and some spare trim for my 54.  I thought there was still a lot of decent stuff even though several hands had already been there.  But you had to be willing to look through boxes, bins and the piles of trim. Which was half the fun...   
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