2021 Carlisle Motel

eddiehudsoneddiehudson Posts: 45Member
I was wondering how everyone felt about the "new" motel?  I thought it was pretty good except for having breakfast with Jimmy Dean (blame it on covid) the first day before heading over to the Middlesex diner for the rest of the week.

Jon did a great job as usual


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    It was OK.  I found the carpeting in my room to be in need of a good cleaning.  The lampshade on the nightstand next to my bed was dirty and dingy.  Found a slug (like a snail) on the wall (certainly out of its environment).  The message light on the phone flashed continuously even though I had no message from anybody.  When I complained to the desk clerk about the phone I was told that "it's because of the old technology versus the new" (they never fixed it in my five nights stay and I just threw a sock over the strobing light).  I noticed that when I first checked in the grass surrounding the motel was in need of a good mowing and that many weeds were growing up through the rock layers next to the main entrance.  Could have been better night time lighting in the parking lot and especially at the main entrance off Hwy. U.S. 11. 

    Perhaps my experience is a reflection of what many hotels/motels are presently facing in not being able to find good employees if any at all not to mention cutting back on expenses where possible due to income lost from the pandemic.    
  • eddiehudsoneddiehudson Posts: 45Member
    I stayed in the East? wing room #1096. My room had none of the problems yours had. The lighting in the parking lot outside my window was very good. When I got there on Tuesday I did notice that the grass was pretty thick but looked good with no litter. I didn't check for weeds.
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