Vic Z 54 Hornet

GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 2,207Expert Adviser
Great video of the 2022 Chino California Corn Fest ... Vic Z Hornet is in the background of much of the cruise coverage.  Other CIC member cars can be seen up the street in some of the video.  Great parking Spot my friend!  


  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 780Member
    where's the video? I would love to watch it.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 780Member
    I found it on the net. Between the 7 and 8 minute mark, I saw Vic, then, a few cars away I saw some other chapter members with two 41's and another 54 hudson.
  • VicTor ZVicTor Z Posts: 739Senior Contributor
    Thanks Glow... and your best Friend. Getting there late I had to park on the "Cross Walk". My '42 Hudson "RustRat Rod" was there and Val's '41Hudson.
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