'54 Gas Tank Caps

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For whatever reason Hudson used a different cap for at least some of its production in '54.  The locking tabs on mine are like a radiator locking cap, they lock down on the outside of the neck, while most others (my '50 included) lockdown on the inside of the neck.  I don't know about 55 and on but mine is a perfect example and so was the '54 of a new member I met on Thursday.  I had a number of Hudson old-timers tell me my car was bastardized and that they had not seen a cap like mine.  In fact the previous owner actually used a radiator cap for a gas cap - note does not fit very well at all!

When the new member asked me if I knew what gas cap to use on his '54 Hollywood and explained the problem he had as his fit really loosely.   I  finally knew I was not crazy (well not that crazy).  So if you have a '54 I do know that '53 - '57 Chev. gas caps lock down the same way as my '54 and the caps from ebay fit very well.


HOWEVER, even some of these lock on the inside so check before you buy.

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