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I was looking at replacing the front speaker in the 54 Hornet that are tied to a modern under dash CD player.  The front speaker grill is huge at almost 18” side to side & I’m wondering if one can put 2 speakers there?  Has anyone used modern speakers in that spot & if so what did you find that worked if anything?  

In the rear it looks like there was only one speaker in the middle?  I found a speaker mounted but no grill or hole cut for the speaker…. odd!


  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,607Senior Contributor
    You most certainly can! 

  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,607Senior Contributor
    You can also put in a pseudo modern Hudson radio

  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    So how are the speakers secured?  Are they 6x9’s?  Was depth an issue?
  • GrimGreaserGrimGreaser Posts: 831Senior Contributor
    I made a plate to mount a set of speakers I pulled from a old boombox in the front speaker mount of my '52.  Just trace the old speaker for a template.  I fit the 2 4-5" (can't remember exact size) speakers into that.  Sounds pretty good with my cheap bluetooth stereo amp I fit to the face of my old radio face - At least I get my kids to complain when I crank the music up. B)  Happy to share how I did my stereo if interested.
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    Bluetooth Stereo Amp?  Explain that some more…. Does one still need a head unit with it or not?
  • GrimGreaserGrimGreaser Posts: 831Senior Contributor
    So - this is what I have: TSA2110A - 2 x 8 Watt Class D Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Amplifier Board : Electronics.  There are units out there with more output - but this is plenty for a pair of old boombox speakers.  Unless it's cranked to 11 - I can't really hear it over my exhaust anyway...  B)

    Dirt cheap and simple - you'll have to play music from your phone or some other Bluetooth player (I never listen to over-the-air radio anymore - my blood-pressure is high enough, thanks.  God I hate commercials...).  I made 3D printed parts to use the left 3 stock radio buttons to push the 3 buttons on the amp board for volume/skip/play/pause. All I have from the original radio is the face and buttons.  
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    I’m with you, really hate commercials & thus I only really use Spotify anymore. Thus streaming from my phone is ideal, especially if I get it mounted on the dash.  

    Last night as I was thinking I might understand where you were coming from I ran across this on Amazon.  It looks like the souped up version of what you did.  I’m not super stereo savvy but it looks promising to just connect to the amplifier & run from my phone via Bluetooth.  Well at least that’s what I want to do anyway!

  • Hudson_in_SeattleHudson_in_Seattle Posts: 196Member
    hi - here is the link to what i did in my hudson, which includes my modern solution for the front speaker

    - i'm really happy with the results, including mixing mono and stereo - the mono rear speaker sound  reflects off the rear window nicely, and having the stereo front speakers locates the sound correctly

    - i also have kept the original radio (converted to 12V) working, and it has a very nice warm tube sound

    hope this helps

  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    I was actually messing around with the front speakers this morning & the old Kicker 6x9 speakers I have sit too high to put the factory cover back on.  I’ll need to find something different to use because there is no way to fit 2 - 6x9 speakers up front. I could put one on the right but the left is pretty shallow with the radio below it.  

    I’m guessing Dan used 6x8 or 5x7 speakers for the front however a pair or round speakers would work well too.  
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 402Member
    Custom auto sound makes a dual stereo speaker for 65-7 Mustangs that fits the Mustang grill on top of the dash and I think it would fit under the Hudson speaker grill.
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