high torque 12 volt starter

karlkarl Posts: 75Member
Why is the starter sensitive to positive or negative ground? Do you have to change the ring gear as it pushes rather then pulls the drive?


  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,349Senior Contributor
    I have one of the modern geared starters on a 35 H8 and it works flawlessly. Even though the pinion engages from the front of the ring gear it doesn't dislodge the ring gear, the pinion engagement forces are very low.
    A solenoid within the starter pushes the pinion out to engage with the ring gear, the pinion is not rotating at this stage. Only when the pinion is fully engaged does the starter motor start to turn.
    I've no idea if there are electronics within a geared starter that will only work with -ve earth.
    Lockyer Valley, Queensland
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