'46 212 cylinder bore tolerance

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Hi Everyone,

I have my 46 212 I6 apart, now measuring and checking etc. to see what needs to be worked on.  I have the manuals on the engine, but I can't seem to find where the bore dimension/tolerances are.  I see it is 3", which mine is at the bottom of the bore, but it is about 3.007 3.008 at the top.  Is it tapered that much by design?  It seems to be linear down the bore.

Each of the 6 are pretty close to the same.

Also looking for the crank dimensions/tolerances for the connecting rod journals.   I see the inside dimension spec'd for the connecting rod, but again, no tolerances.

Any help pointing to the right data or the right manual, is greatly appreciated!

thanks, Dan


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    That would be fairly low wear for a 75 year old engine,  and is at the limit of serviceability probably, but you may get away with  a new set of rings, depending on the state of the pistons and their grooves.  Bearing clearance is .001" max. 
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    From the 37 Hudson manual, remember the rings are the main cause of the wear so it makes sense the top is much more worn.  At 3.007-3.008, I’d say your due for a rebuild but take a look at the piston size as well.  Good luck 
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