Front end alignment 1941 Bigboy

12BoltTom12BoltTom Posts: 111Senior Contributor
Taking the truck in on Thursday to get the front end aligned.
Looking for tips on it. Such as modern camber/ caster that work possibly better than back in 1941. Have a print out of what it is supposed to be.
Am I correct that the camber and caster are handled by adjusting only the outer upper control arm bushing? Or is there more adjustments than this?


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,316Senior Contributor
    All adjustment is at the top threaded bushing.   The eccentricity of it adjusts the camber, and turning a complete turn back or frrward adjusts the caster.   1-1/14  camber and  0-1/2 deg. caster, with  as close as possible variation each side.
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