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barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 643Expert Adviser
We dont have a lot of pre 1947 Hudsons in Aust. I have had a lot of 1938 to 47 parts for sale for 15 years, some for 25 years and as they dont fit my cars (1924H, 36T and 37T) they will be scrap metal on Sept 13th. I will reply very briefly to emails if I have the parts you want, but you work out the postage costs. My experience is it takes a lot of time, often doesnt lead to a sale, and healthwise I dont have the energy anymore. Im nearly 70. Just a few parts I can remember ...
1920 to 26 boxes of misc parts, timing chains, 1926 tourer tub/doors, 1924 restored front and rear guards
1929H front axle, shoes, misc parts, steering box and column, spring leaves
1937 happy to swap parts
1939 mudguards no badges, doors, new engine exhaust pipe, back seat, headlight bucket, NOS leaf springs, heads
1946/47 mudguards, doors, bumper bars, heads,
Ashtrays, misc electrical items,  spring shackles, misc NOS parts, motor parts 1920 to 47, head gaskets, 6V wiper motors
Brake drums 6 and 8cyl cars, diffs 1920 to 1947, tailshafts, gears and gearboxes, manifolds, air cleaners, carbies, hub caps
My address is Womma Rd Penfield South Australia 5121 


  • Trevor JTrevor J Posts: 474Expert Adviser
    Hi Barry I posted looking for 34 and 35 Terraplane hub caps. Are there any in your parts.  I have a son in Australia they could be sent there.
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    Barry,  I’m still looking for front clip chrome & stainless pieces, especially the hood ornament base, badge & center chrome pieces for a 37 Hudson.  Have anything? 
  • Trevor JTrevor J Posts: 474Expert Adviser
    Hi Barry.
    Would it be possible for you to PM me with your E mail address please.  I have a friend in NewZealand who is after some Hudson 8 brake drums.
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 643Expert Adviser
    TJ, address is in roster. I have some H8 drums - are wider. Will need photos and dimensions to confirm. 
  • Trevor JTrevor J Posts: 474Expert Adviser
    Sweet Thanks.  The guy wants them for his 38 Hudson 8.  Ill get him to contact you directly
  • paulrhd29nzpaulrhd29nz Posts: 273Member
    Barry , is your 29h steering box RHD ? 
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 643Expert Adviser
    The 29H box is RHD. reply to
  • Smonica46Smonica46 Posts: 12Member
    Hello Barry: would you happen to have a factory turn signal switch on the column and that little red light on the dashboard that flashes when the switch is activated? if so, i would like to buy them from you.
  • stevepetstevepet Posts: 83Member
    I may have fhe indicator switch but not  jewel for the sash. I purchased new one off ebay.

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