Front Fender Assembly

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Hi all, 

I've been through the body manual and looked at a bunch of pictures but how does the rear lower portion of the front fender tie into the frame?  Is it through the rocker panel?  This was all apart when I bought the car so now I am trying to rebuild something I didn't even take apart.  Thanks for whatever advice and/or pictures you can provide.  



Oh its a 51 hornet sedan.


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    The lower part of the fender and rocker panel screw together with a piece of body colored trim that covers the screws. 
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    So the rocker panel at that point is structural instead of just cosmetic?  It makes sense in my head now. 

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    Yeah I guess yiu could say that. Where the rocker and fender meet, there is no contact to the frame work, just where it’s screwed along the bottom and thresholds. 
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    Thanks so much.  ?
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