For Sale - 1950 8 Cylinder Engine for Rebuilding with Serial Number Matching MN Title Card

James P.James P. Posts: 420Senior Contributor
Included are block, crank, cam, pan, rods (one slightly bent) for $75. Also, available is an aluminum head for $125. I'll be offering a set of rebabitted 0.020" oversize rods, cam bearings and gasket set at a later date, if there is an interest.


  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,653Senior Contributor
    Where are you located?  I'd be interested in the stuff sans block and head.
  • James P.James P. Posts: 420Senior Contributor
    I'm sorry that I didn't mention my location is Minneapolis. I'm not ready to price the rods, valves, rings and guides yet, though.
  • Smonica46Smonica46 Posts: 12Member
    do you still have the Aluminium Head for sale
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