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i want to buy your 2 books,email at anctildennis@gmail.com


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    We are going to need more information before anyone is going to send you their email address
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    I think Geoff has a tech book for sale

    Geoff — Hudson Essex Terraplane 'Open Forum' (hetclub.org)

    Technical Topics Books. — Hudson Essex Terraplane 'Open Forum' (hetclub.org)

    Click on the links , send him a private message

    These are now ready to print.  I realize cost of postage may put you off, as they are done here  in New Zealand.
    Twenty years of Technical Topics  as published in the N.Z. Triangle, and the W.T.N.   In two volumes, 250 and 300 pages.  Plastic cover, and color photos.   U.S.$40 per volume.   Postage $40 for one volume, $60 for two, posted in padded envelope.   These will be supplied to order from the local printer, so there will be a time delay between ordering, printing, and posting.   If interested please contact me at NZgeoffclark@xtra.co.nz  (Leave off the first NZ).  Send no money at this time.

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