horn on 1950 hudson

My horn ring will not press down and It seems to be very tight. I have 6 volts to the horn all the time. What is the problem?



  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,322Senior Contributor
    It is stuck!
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,322Senior Contributor
    Sorry, I should have  expanded.   The horn button is obviously stuck down so you have to remove it to  see what is causing it to be stuck.   Not sure on the '50, but  it should be reasonably easy to sort out, by unscrewing the bezel.  
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,027Member
    Geoff, The horn button pops off on a 50 Commodore. There's no unscrewing . Here's what to do : First disconnect battery.  Then, pry off the horn button  on the center of the steering wheel. Next, remove the copper (or steel) contact strip.Then unscrew the 3 thin screws that attach the contact ring to the horn ring. Be careful not to use much pressure as the thin C shaped contact ring is encased in a larger plastic ring which can break if too much pressure is used. Remove the contact button and wire. Check to make sure it has both the bakelite insulator and spring on the wire near the brass button. . Once all these parts are removed, check on the back of the horn ring to make sure the rubber isolator buttons are in place. If they are missing replace them. Reverse removal procedure and  replace all parts that are missing. Place horn button contact wire and reconnect .Please make sure  the thin C shaped contact wire touches the 3 screws that hold it to the horn ring. Good luck.
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