1941 BigBoy Hope to drive soon

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This is a project that started in 2013, some of you may remember. My 13 yR old son and I started working on it then and then life got in the way with kids and jobs. Fast forward to today. It was woke up, driven into the shop and work has commenced again. My boy is now 21 and half way thru college. He is now suffering from muscular dystrophy, and it is very tragic for us as a family. He is taking it well and living life to the fullest.
Well in late Oct I have a Inliners International National event to go to. We are planning on driving the Hudson. Hence the work taking place again.


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    Glad to see you are able to restart it, sorry to hear about your son as well.

    You'll get it there!
  • 12BoltTom12BoltTom Posts: 111Senior Contributor
    Almost have the modernized front swaybar done. Use a 1" unit from a 1970 Monte Carlo. Bent it in a few spots after heating to clear tires. Made some stands to get it in better alignment with control arms. Going to use 2012 subaru outback from swaybar connectors to hook it up. Lower link location is a piece of 1/4" 1.25 angle aluminum.
    Also got patch panels installed today for the floor.
    You can also see our own home shop made disc brakes.
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    My 41 had sat out in the sun for too many years. The entire dash cluster was destroyed. Too hard to find these parts in good shape. So made my own. Had the boy perform the engine turning on a aluminum plate to get things started. And then lots of planning. Cut out in my own CNC. The outer (big) bezel was the hardest part. Cut from 1" thick 6061 plate. And no I won't make anymore.

  • 25truck25truck Posts: 33Member
    That’s a very nice looking dash 

    thanks for posting pictures 
  • 12BoltTom12BoltTom Posts: 111Senior Contributor
    Thanks! 25 Truck. Looks like , out of all the views, you are the only one that cares to type any reply to my posts.
    I put a lot of time into making the dash insert. And it fit's nicely.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 792Member
    Very nice work.
  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 360Member
    Love the engine turning and that your boy is invoked as well, precious memories for both forever
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    Hay there 12boltTom
    looking at your pictures I have a couple questions 

    1 how does it sound with the supper trap muffler? And does it have  another  muffler up stream?

    2 I like old vacuum  gauges and think they are a great tune up and  diagnostic tool 
    and was wondering if you had a reason for the vacuum gauge ? or just to make your Beautiful dash look symmetric ?  monitor engine load conditions ?fuel mileage ?
    Or ?
    all of the above 

  • 12BoltTom12BoltTom Posts: 111Senior Contributor
    The vacuum gauge is by choice, I like them as a diagnostic tool and in help tuning a carb.
    The supertrap has a nice sound. Picked up a pair at a swapmeet. No mufflers up stream. Taking it on it's maiden trip tomorrow morning for a front end alignment. Will know more after that.
    Did drive it about a 1/2 mile tonight. The truck has plenty of other noises to keep me busy. It does sound nice. Will get some video of it.
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    First time this 1941 Hudson BigBoy has been on the road under it's own power in more than 40 years. Going to get a front end alignment. Made it there and back without incident. Phew! 250 Chevy inline 6/ 700R4 8.8 rear from a Explorer.

  • 25truck25truck Posts: 33Member
    Looks like your efforts are paying off 
    and you have a great truck to enjoy 
  • 12BoltTom12BoltTom Posts: 111Senior Contributor
    Thanks! I can't believe how nice it drives on the highway. Smooth ride and tracks/ steers great. And here is a link to a video on youtube.

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    Two thumbs up!!!
  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 360Member
    I love it and am jealous. Beautiful property 
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