O/D not engaging

ValVal Posts: 1,021Member
If it isn't one thing its another. Tonight I took the car out and my O/D wouldn't work. Bright side is I can still drive the car. But I have reached out via email to Doug as I would like to test the relay. I will check the fuse but I don't suspect it will be that simple. I will also test the solenoid but that's been replaced a couple years back. But then again so was the relay. Any other suggestions??


  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,414Expert Adviser
    Usually wiring problems , or gear oil in Solenoid or Governor.
    remove the covers and clean?
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,329Administrator
    Let's understand exactly what's happening.  

    First, you push in the knob all the way in to enable overdrive, correct?

    When you first begin driving at low speed (not fast enough to normally engage overdrive), are you in free-wheeling?  Or is the engine still in direct drive (so that it slows the car when you let off the accelerator) ?

    If it is in free-wheeling at low speed, then when you get up to "overdrive speed" (like 35 mph) and let off the gas, it does NOT shift into overdrive;  is that correct?

    Just wanted to make sure we understand precisely what's transpiring.  (Not that I can  then provide the solution, hee-hee!)
  • D7feverD7fever Posts: 43Member
    That happened on mine, it was the fuse. Always check the simple stuff first.
  • ValVal Posts: 1,021Member
    Finally I work right I got to stop doing it a streak of luck. Dog said to clean the contact points in the fuse holder so when I got home I pulled the fuse out clean those points looked over the fuse and found it to be bad. Put a new fuse in and she works as advertised. Jon B were correct in what you were saying that is what was happening
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