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Just a word to the wise, I bought LED head light bulbs from LED light.com,  Don't! The customer service is fine but the product is cheaply made. They break when trying to install. And they don't light up all that bright. My original bulbs are brighter. I am told the polarity didn't matter as they would work on both Positive and Negative ground.  But no dice. Don't waste your time and/or money. 


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    Leds aren't like regular  bulb  they only hook up one way you need pos. Ground or Neg. Ground only for your vehicle 
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    Product ID: 97465
    Product Name: #1157 Miniature Bulb BAY15D Base LED 6 Volt 2.6 Watt G18
    Attributes: Color - Red 625nm

    I bought this from LEDLight.com and they work just fine as rear running lights on my 6v, pos. ground electrical system.  They are brighter than the bulbs they replaced.  I did have to be careful handling them, but once in place I have had no worries for the last 2 years.

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    Another thing the sellers of cheap LED bulbs seem to be guilty of is claiming that their bulbs dip when they only dim, i.e. the beam is less intense but it still shines straight ahead and not down at the road. It will still dazzle oncoming traffic.
    Unless your LED headlight bulbs have separate high and low beam offset LEDs (sort of like 2 filaments in a traditional headlight bulb) and a low beam shield they will be non-dipping.
    The Narva LED headlight bulb pictured in the link shows how the LEDs should look in a proper dipping LED bulb. If the LEDs in the bulb you are thinking of buying don't look something like that you will most probably be dazzling oncoming traffic.
    And yes the proper dipping bulbs will be more expensive than the non-dipping cheapies.

    (Ignore all the stuff below the LEDs, that is a bulb made to swap into modern vehicles)
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    I can highly recommend this chap for led globes


    Ive been using them for my 1936 terraplane.. Lovely bright rear lights

    Cheers ken 
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    I too got sent a pair of headlamp bulbs that were supposed to replace the parallel pin type, 6 volt either + or - ground.  They were certainly ultra-bright, but there was no difference in beam  position between high and low.  They had two rows of l.e.d.'s  upper and lower, and both lit up, no matter what position the switch was in.  Certainly wouldn't pass a W.O.F.    Caveat emptor.    I also got sucked in by an ad for 150 db horns, which were feeble.  Not worth sending back @ $15 though.   
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    Wonder if a 6 volt halogen bulb and headlight relay is a better way to go? Has anyone done that ?
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    Yes, that is what I have on my cars.  
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    Geoff, where is the placement of the relay and where do you get the bulbs?
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    6 volt halogen bulb and headlight relay is what I've got on my 28 Essex Coupe. I know very little about the LED option, so can't compare.
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    I got the bulbs from a local supplier here in N.Z., Norm Sissons.   But I'm sure you will find them on an internet search.  I put the relay  just  between the engine plate and the radiator shell.
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    The one thing I discovered with the halogens is to watch the amp/volt usage.
    If you run a cooling fan and other accessories and have the headlights and other lights on, the alt/gen may not be able to keep up. 
    I developed a misfire one night coming home and realized the pertronix ignition wasn't getting enough juice with everything running.
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    jbubaboy, good info to know. I will be purchasing LED lights from Classic dynamo and regulator in the UK. I have spoken with Pete and have had my questions answered to my satisfaction. Hopefully they will perform as advertised.  
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