Looking for stock Hudson oil filter canister set up.

WABOOMWABOOM Posts: 10Member
I need a oil filter set up. Dont really wanna use a universal one, or ford. Looking for a Hudson can. 


  • Courtesy ManCourtesy Man Posts: 184Expert Adviser
    What year Hudson and 6 or 8 cyl ?
  • WABOOMWABOOM Posts: 10Member
    '54 Big Six
  • railknightrailknight Posts: 432Expert Adviser
    If you're looking for the optional, FRAM by-pass, oil filter canister, Doug Wildrick sells reconditioned ones when he has them in stock.  You may even try to locate a canister at a vintage car parts, swap meet or on-line auction.  Doug also sells replacement decal sets for Hudson FRAM canisters.  
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