1936 Terraplane Coupe

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1936 Terraplane Coupe for sale. Odometer shows 43844 miles. The car was originally from Ohio and has a 1952 Ohio sticker on the windshield. The two previous owners had the car in storage.  One started a conversion to a rumble seat coupe. He reversed the hinges on the lid and installed a step plate. I have the wooden frames and the inner springs for the rumble seat cushions. I received the car with original tires from the fifties. I sandblasted the wheels and painted the wheels the original body color glacier blue with B F Goodrich  Silvertown reproduction tires. I acquired three NOS hubcaps. I installed a complete NOS exhaust system. The brakes are entirely new from the master cylinder, brake lines, wheel cylinders to brake shoes, emergency brake cables. I fitted a new repop gas tank (for an old Tbird I think) with the original filler neck and a new sender unit, new fuel line. The carburetor was rebuilt by Daytona. I fitted a generator from a Hornet with the appropriate regulator. All lights and gauges work. All new ignition parts. I had the radiator flushed. I dropped the oil pan and cleaned it up, changed the fluids in the tranny and differential. I installed a new clutch. I restored the rubber fins on the defroster fan that mounts on a bevel on the steering column. Year of manufacture New York State license plates. Transferable NYS registration in my name. Car is located in Trumansburg NY.  $12,500 or best offer.  


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    I'm from Ohio. That could have been my fathers car. He owned one in late 40's , early 50's. I doubt it's his old car , but it brought memories from the past.
    I had a 37 coupe , never a 36.
    Neat car
    Good luck on your sale.
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    Very nice,  last year for the rumble seat in a Hudson. Was that 36 ever stored near Syracuse?
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    The previous owner was in Fair Haven NY and as I recall he got the car from a club member in the area, probably the car you are thinking of. 
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    Thanks, I sent you an email.
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