Testing a Hydramatic outside of a car?

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Hello all, 

So I have a 55-56 308 mated with a single range hydramatic from 51.  I assuming it is the original transmission in the car and that the 308 in it was a crate motor picked up out of a catalog in the 70s. The car has not driven since the mid 70s.

1.  I know these transmissions are supposedly "bullet proof" and they were in tanks in ww2, but is there any way to test or assess the condition of it on the bench?  Should I be concerned about its condition? Car has nearly 75k miles. 

2.  I am nervous about the condition of the transmission.  Probably because of the mileage and the passing of Gus Souza because I was going to put in a call to him and ask him these questions myself but that isn't happening any time soon (God willing).  Is there a new club guru concerning these transmissions and who rebuilds them? 

Thanks again for your info guys.  I am really gaining some momentum with this project. 



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    I don’t remember his first name. Last name is Chase. He’s in the club. I think he is in Kansas. I hear he does the 
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    We have a stand here that we made for running Hudson engines after we rebuilt them, to warm them up and check for leaks, do heat cycles for head torquing, etc. I have had engines on this stand with auto transmissions, where we put them in gear and made sure they went both directions, but I never tried to make sure they shifted, or anything. 
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