Just got a '54 Hornet Coupe

WABOOMWABOOM Posts: 30Member
Hey guys, my name is Casey. I wanted to introduce myself. I just bought a '54 Hornet. It has the DG-200 transmission. 
 I also have '51 Mercury but I will have to sell it to recoup part the the cost of this Hornet. I know that I will have questions about this Hudson soon. Here are some pictures.


  • ski4life65ski4life65 Posts: 1,116Expert Adviser
    Wow! Beautiful car.
  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,417Expert Adviser
    Welcome , nice car. Stay cool with the AC.
  • WABOOMWABOOM Posts: 30Member
    Thank you. I forgot to mention the A/C! and power steering. That's part of the reason we bought it. Our '51 Mercury doesn't have p/s or a/c. 
  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 361Member
    Both beautiful cars. While you still have both cars, did you notice right away how much better of a driving and road able car the Hudson is over the Mercury?  I found that years ago working at a specialty car lot. I had been driving Hudsons but had the opportunity to drive a similar year Merc and another time a ‘50 Buick. All of them great cars but the Hudson was the better driver. 
  • ValVal Posts: 1,021Member
    Gorgeous car I love the 54 coupes. Enjoy it. And have fun
  • WABOOMWABOOM Posts: 30Member
    Oh yeah. The driving experience is quite a bit better. 

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