1951 Hudson Pacemaker draglink assembly

bvkbvk Posts: 4Member

I’ve got a 1951 Hudson pacemaker I have just recently repaired my center point pivot and with that I had to remove/disassemble what I would assume to be the draglink connecting the steer box arm to the center point and with the disassemble and reassembly I must have gotten something mixed up in the front joint and after resolving a charging issue I went for a drive and the joint came apart while driving and the washers came out of the link. If anyone can give me some ideas on the correct order and parts or where to purchase some new ones I’d appreciate. I haven’t been able to find a diagram of this link yet. In the pictures below you can see the link I’m trying to describe and the washers and cup that fell out.


  • bvkbvk Posts: 4Member
    Also I appreciate the responses and advice in my first post. 
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