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on my 1928 essex ,while playing around my tires i discovered that the spokes are loose on the rim, not a lot but overtime this will create wear on them and one day i will lose a wheel.
Q: is it a ok idea to drive a small metal wedge into the ends of the spokes ? as one would on the end of a axe?
or is there another option or two ?


  • MariusMarius Posts: 86Member
    now that  i have the wheel off i think a wood screw  #6 or #8. 1'' ) might be a better option... might dip the screw in wood glue first 
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,316Senior Contributor
    Wedges won't work, as there needs to be radial pressure holding the spokes tight against the felloe.   You have two options,  dismantle the wheel and punch out shims to fit over the end of each spoke,  and re-assemble in  the same order and relationship, i.e. same hole in the wheel each spoke came out of, so you must nember each spoke and hole, and also the position of the hub and brake drum.   This is a difficult operation.  you can  use a paint tin to make the shims, using a hollow punch, and trim the outside to fit over the end of the spoke.  You will need a  long threaded stud to wind the spokes down in, and it will be tricky.  The other option is to get new spokes made and fitted, which is the best way.   Soaking in water or oil will only be a very temporary fix.   There is a specialist here in N.Z.  who will do a 12 spoke wheel for around $300.
  • MariusMarius Posts: 86Member
    thank you Geoff, i am not looking forward to the task of taking the spokes appart, brother in law said  shims around the spokes might be the simplest task , like a tomato tin shims put around the spokes pounded flat on each side of the rim then trimmed just enough so it's not too noticeable.... 
    my nephew 3D printed me a hood ornament that weighs as much as a marshmallow , so if a punk ass kid steals it no problem, but its not polished and a few details missing,
    i do have a original that is in a glass case in the garage and i will not put it on.
    i would love a brass one ,but no need to be threaded as i would mcGiver it on somehow
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