49 Hudson Commodore interior chrome pieces

steverdsteverd Posts: 3Member
i am in need of the interior chrome door pieces and the right side chrome dash horizontal piece


  • LanceLance Posts: 1,036Member
    Which ones do you need Steve?  I have a number of them. 704 792 911zero
  • steverdsteverd Posts: 3Member
    i tried calling 704-792-3110 and got an I-Hop. 
    i can send pics to a phone or email.
    bottom line is; each door has 2 vertical chrome pieces and one horizontal piece, i have enough for 1 door, need enough for the other 3 doors. also need the arm rest pulls. 
    last but now least is the right side chrome piece across the dashboard. 
  • steverdsteverd Posts: 3Member
    meant 9110 for the last 4 digits
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