Distributor Differences

tbeilketbeilke Posts: 70Member
I have a Autolite IAT4009A and a IAT4009B distributor.   Can someone tell me what the differences may be?   I have searched the forum and literature and cannot any info. regarding the differences.   Thanks for your help.   Tom


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,513Senior Contributor
    The "B" distributor is for 262 and 308 engines, and has less advance curve than the "A", which is for 232 engines.   Probably has stronger springs on the flyweights.   
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  • tbeilketbeilke Posts: 70Member
    Geoff,  Thank You for the explanation.   The car originally came with the IAT4009A distributor, It never seemed to run right when hot and would periodically experience 'Pinging'.   I am rebuilding the IAT4009B distributor and will be installing it after I order a refurbished vacuum advance from Wildrick.   Thanks again, Tom
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,091Member
    IAT 4009 was a distributor for the 51-2 Pacemaker only.  IAT 4009A was for the 51 model line excepting Pacemaker. The IAT 4009B was for 52-4 Wasp( 262),  Commodore and Hornet line. IAT 4203 was for the 53-4 Wasp(232)  
  • tbeilketbeilke Posts: 70Member
    Lance,  Thanks for the extended clarification.   Tom
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,091Member
    My pleasure.
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