Replacement voltage regulator for '53 Hornet?

Jon BJon B Posts: 7,349Administrator
A friend is having some trouble with his voltage regulator and wondered if NAPA (or any other company) would offer a replacement?  The car is a 3-speed overdrive and still uses its original 6 volt pos. ground system.  If replacements aren't available is there a good source (besides Ebay!) for NOS regulators or does anyone rebuild the originals?  (I'm afraid I don't know the original AutoLite number.)


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    Jon,  I opened Alex's Book and found the information you need as far as original equipment.

    Auto-Lite Regulator
    VRP-4004P - 1952 all; 1953 all with GDZ generator except Jet
    VBE-6101A - 1953 with GGW generator; 1953 Jet; 1954-1955 all

    So, I guess you need to see which generator he has.  Check with Lance Walker to see if he has a NOS voltage regulator.

    Hope this helps,

    John Forkner
  • eddiehudsoneddiehudson Posts: 47Member
    1972 Echlin Catalog shows

    1948 - 53 with GDZ = VR 25
    1953 - 55 with GGW =  VR 27
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,349Administrator
    Thanks for this information!
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