Heater hose arrangement causing overheating??

airbrushguyairbrushguy Posts: 360Member
Had to create new arrangement of heater hose/Ranco valve due to installing Cadillac engine in '49 Super. Temperature reads over 210 degrees and would like to check that heater hose routing is not causing it.
Here is a pic of what I have.
Thanks for your input


  • LanceLance Posts: 1,090Member
    OK Here is the way Hudson routed the hoses. This MAY help your problem. First, the top hose on the heater  is routed to the water pump. . Bottom heater hose is routed to the Ranco copper tube closest to the heater. First Ranco copper tube is routed to the cylinder head. This is the one closest to the place where the horn goes. Hope this helps.
  • airbrushguyairbrushguy Posts: 360Member
    Thanks Lance, you're always quick to answer.
    Switched hoses, did not seem to effect temp, used thermal gun and engine reading near sender was 140 while dash gauge (new attometer) was reading over 200.
    Now to check gauge or sender.
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