Bumper Brackets

BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
I’m looking to find out if there are differences between the various step downs as to the bumper brackets, especially in reference to the 1954 Hornet.  I’m seeing some irregularities on the front & rear that I’m trying to figure out before I start messaging things.


  • blondwookieblondwookie Posts: 261Member
    are you talking about the rear bumper body mounting brackets? In the front ones, i do believe that the front mounting brackets are mounted to the bumper
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,091Member
    All stepdown bumper brackets will interchange.. The difference is that in the early 1948-9 stepdowns there were only 3 holes per bracket for bumper bolts and bumperettes. Subsequent to this there were more holes added to the center of the bracket so that it could accomodate some slight differences for different bumperettes in models made subsequent to the 1949 models. 
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,607Senior Contributor
    I have noticed that on my '54 the shape of the front and rears area that mount to the bumpers are slightly different.  Mine are at the plater now and will be taking a closer look when they get back.  
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,091Member
    You're right  Dan rear bumper mounts are a whole different ball game. In 54 the front 'horns' are  different from the 48-53 models but won't disrupt the use of older front bumper brackets.
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    Here are a couple pictures of the difference on the front bumper.  One can really see the difference when looking at the lens to bumper.

  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    Are you thinking the difference side to side is due to a bent bumper bracket since I’m not seeing any sign of bend in the re-chromed bumper?  
    If so, how can the bracket be restored to the angles I need, or can it?  I’m not seeing really any room for adjustment as it’s mounted.
  • eddiehudsoneddiehudson Posts: 63Member
    1954 had left & right front bumper brackets. Maybe yours are reversed.
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    I had a friend check his parts book and they are not all the same, 54 is a one year only.
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    After repairing other needed things I’m back to my misaligned front bumper.  Question: does anyone know if there is adjustment & how much if any by loosening the bumper bolts?  I was hoping someone knew the answer before I started dismantling & tweaking things.  Thanks guys!
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 1,005Senior Contributor
    Nvm, I took the impact wrench to the bolts & unfortunately there is only a tiny bit of play & after retightening it went right back to where it was before. 
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