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Hi all, 

I want to make sure I do this correctly the first time. 

Right now the car has been blasted, metal worked, body filled, and epoxy primed.  Plans going forward are to shoot a few coats of polyester primer surfacer, block all that to get rid of some waves and then shoot with 2k primer to prep for color. 

I have many questions concerning paint and the process of painting on Hudsons specifically. 

  1. Do you recommend quarterpanels and/or fenders be painted fitted to the car or separate? 

  2. Should components of the front end (fender extensions, radiator surrounds, etc) be painted separately or as a complete bolted together unit already on the car?

  3. If pieces are to be painted assembled, then should they be in a final 2k primer when bolted together or be sprayed in the color with no clear applied?  For an example... bolted together after color sprayed but before clearing?

Any tips, critiques, or recommendations you all might have?  

Thanks in advance.



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    Ray, it all depends on how YOU want to do it. I will answer your questions on how I did it.

    1. Separate. In the event of an accident, it allows you to remove the quarter without damaging any paint on the main body. I used a soft, pliable caulk in between the mated painted surfaces of the quarter panel to ensure a tight seal.

    2. Painted separately. Then you can install the rubber with staples, etc.

    3. N/A

    I have heard that some guys "pre fit" the doors and hood by drilling very small "alignment holes" and then painting the car and pieces separately and using the same holes to quickly align the two parts. I didn't do this. I had a bit of a rough time lining the four doors, hood and fenders up after paint. I HATED using a wooden block wrapped in a rag to try and spring the doors to align. It took me longer to put everything back together than it did to paint it. Then again, I am a little OCD..

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    polyester is great stuff. You can thin that a little with acetone and that helps a lot. 2k would be ok but you can just shoot epoxy as a final sealer and paint. Epoxy lays down great.
  • Hienkel429Hienkel429 Posts: 145Member
    Thanks all, seems I am on the right path. Will post some updates once the ball is rolling. 
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