1940 Hudson Super Six

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Good afternoon everyone,

I am working on my bosses '40 Hudson Super Six. Its a convertible. 

There is a 4 way brake union on the frame. 1/2" line from the master goes in, 3 7/16" lines come out for the rear and L/R front brakes. Its stripped and cracked. 

Has anyone found a suitable replacement? Original part# was BZ156140. This is not a concours restoration. It needs to be a safe driver. 

Thanks in advance!


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    I’m not 100% sure this is exactly what you need but it looks pretty close to what my 37 used.  Check with them to be sure on sizes: 

    Also these washers look like they’d work too:

  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 618Expert Adviser
    I think the first one  goes  on  a master  cylinder that's not what he needs 
    Try LanceB he might have what you need
  • DuaneHDuaneH Posts: 2Member
    I reached out to a LanceB I found in search, was not the correct Lance. He said search for "Lance", did that and waiting for a response in messages from Lance. 
    Thanks so far!
  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 618Expert Adviser
    Sorry just Lance. No b
  • 1954Hudson1954Hudson Posts: 163Member
    Lance Walker
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