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JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 919Expert Adviser
I'm one of those YouTube mechanic wannabes...  Anytime I need to figure out how to do something, I look for a "how to" video on YouTube.  The problem is that not many of those YouTube advisors own Hudsons.  I was thinking how great it would be if someone in Hudson land would make a video of how to adjust the valves on a six cylinder Hudson engine.  I would be forever grateful....


  • InlineEricInlineEric Posts: 27Member
    I have been thinking about this as well, and my first video was going to be valve adjustments. Planning on shooting it sometime in July with the previous owner of my Pacemaker. It's almost as if you read my mind LOL
  • JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 919Expert Adviser
    I look forward to seeing the end result.  
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