Hill Holder

TwinSuperchargedTwinSupercharged Posts: 38Expert Adviser
Can a duel master cylinder be utilized with a hill holder? If so, where to go to see an installation? The step down manuals do not show any hardware, mounting and/or any installation procedures.    


  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 618Expert Adviser
    it would be easier to install a line brake from a speed shop go's to the front brake line I m sure you could install a hill holder on the front line but you would have to reconfigure the hardware to make it work  good luck my 2cents
  • kamzackkamzack Posts: 500Senior Contributor
    I think you can "T" into your front brake line and take it to the hill holder. Trick is mounting the arm to clutch shaft and adjusting it. Using copper/nickel makes creating brake lines much easier.
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