1936 Hudson rearend gears

RocketRocket Posts: 443Senior Contributor
Could someone tell me of any information showing how to put a 36 Hudson rearend together (what goes were) the ring and pinion and were the shims and bearrings go all I have is a pile of parts and I need to see how it goes back together thanks.


  • HansHans Posts: 178Senior Contributor
    Take it to a gear shop, have it done right.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,295Administrator
    The shop manual is available for download on the H-E-T website's online Library, if you don't own a copy.  I think it has a pretty good illustrated explanation.
  • RocketRocket Posts: 443Senior Contributor
    Hi Jon B thanks that is what I needed to know the problem is I have know idea how to use the club library to look it up can you tell me how to find it in the library thanks Tom.
  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 2,200Expert Adviser
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  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,389Expert Adviser
    If you can't find the info you need on line , I have this Motors manual for sale.

    City: Wellington

    State: Ohio
    Price: $27
    This was a " Shop" copy , used , worn and some dirt & grease. But has the info for 1935-42 cars.

    See photos for condition and sample contents

    $27 plus media shipping===NOW $30 SHIPPED

    PayPal , buyer pays fees or use " friends" option

    USPMO ok

    Send zip in a private message

  • danthemandantheman Posts: 51Member
    I agree with Hans. Take it to a shop that does transmissions and rear ends if you never done one before. With a differential its not just "what goes where" it needs to be set up with a dial caliper to get correct lash and load on gears.
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