Comments on chrome platers

50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,276Senior Contributor
Since I am on a roll here I wanted to provide some additional comments on bumper platers.  One of the previous owners of my '54 bought the front and rear bumpers from Bumper Boyz.  If you go to any of the big car shows you will see their displays and also great prices.   They will rechrome yours or do an exchange.  A word to the wise, find a local plater that others have used and trust.  My front bumper's plating is peeling off and the rear has spots of rust all over.  


  • 2manyprojects2manyprojects Posts: 704Expert Adviser
     i use el paso plating very happy with quality and cost. they have done  5 bumpers and many dash pieces for 2 of my hudsons and my 65 pontiac catalina. they were referred to me by russ maas 21st century hudson.
  • engr1962engr1962 Posts: 15Member
    in San Diego I use Pacific Plating.  I have done many pieces with them and the finish is perfect.  They take their time on the pot metal parts.
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