Rear Parking Brake Cables

BigSkyBigSky Posts: 942Senior Contributor
I’m in need of a set (left & right) of parking brake cables for my 37 Hudson.  If anyone has one or both, please PM me.  Thanks!


  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,288Senior Contributor
    The components of a Hudson handbrake cable are off the self items, there are companies that will assemble them into the configuration you need. 
  • ToddhToddh Posts: 108Member
    I assume yours are frozen in the conduit.   Have you tried to free them up?  My experience is that you need to disconnect the cables at the center pivot and at each rear brake.  Then slather the cables with chassis lube or white lithium grease.  Then pull them back and forth through the conduit.  Reconnect and adjust per the manual.  Also do the same for the hand brake cable and clean and lube the center emergency brake controls.  
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 942Senior Contributor
    The cables are actually missing since it has a Ford rear end & when that was done they were never re-installed.  

    Bob, what companies will assemble cables?
  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,288Senior Contributor
    Hudson to Ford becomes a little trickier in that you will have to provide measurements for the lengths of the inner and outer to the assembler.
    The Hudson front end swaged fitting is easy, that will be a long male thread can't remember if it is 5/16"-24 or 3/8"-24.
    There will be a Ford specific fitting inside the drum and maybe some waterproofing bits and pieces where the cable goes through the backplate that need to go on the cable before the end block is swaged on.
    I used these guys, googling 'handbrake cable makers' will yield someone close to you.
    Check around, prices will vary wildly. To me a handbrake cable is maybe $40 supplier cost of components and 10 minutes labour, some will try to sell that for $500 or $600 a pair.
  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,546Senior Contributor
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    I simply U-Clamped Hudson cables to the stub sticking out of the Ford Backing plates. Ive freed up cables using pentrant and a drill. I might have extra cables hanging. TBD
  • LanceLance Posts: 990Member
    Big Sky read your PM
  • tigermothtigermoth Posts: 436Expert Adviser
    Northwestern Auto Supply in Grand Rapids, Mi can make up OEM spec cables (or custom)
    regards, Tom
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