Water Jacket

GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,259Senior Contributor
Anyone producing the water jacket side plate for '34 -'35 Hudson 8?  This has the pipe out side, not ht etop like the later ones.    


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,259Senior Contributor
    Oops, fat fingers, should read "Pipe out the side, not out the top"
  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,288Senior Contributor
    I had this one made for myself a while ago. I made the welding jig which is the key to a successful outcome, organised the stainless and got an experienced TIG welder to put it together for me. The style I've gone for is a personal preference but there is no reason why a kosher 34/5 water jacket couldn't be made.

  • Old Fogey UKOld Fogey UK Posts: 732Expert Adviser
    The water jackets are in the ROC members' parts list.
  • JACK356JACK356 Posts: 200Member
    I've had the chance to find an original in superb condition to replace mine on my 34
  • Old Fogey UKOld Fogey UK Posts: 732Expert Adviser
    Tthe ROC water jackets available to members are stainless steel.
     I got a NOS jacket from Carl Weber - great guy.
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