The last Carbureted Car

50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,276Senior Contributor
I was wondering when the last production vehicle using a carburetor was made so here it is.  Of course, NASCAR continued to use carbs through 2011 and many racers still swear by them.


  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 310Member
    Interesting article. I knew the GM wagons that used the Olds 307 was still carbed up to 91. 
  • 7XPacemaker7XPacemaker Posts: 491Senior Contributor
    The Jeep Grand Wagoneer used them until they quit making them. I believe that it was 91 or 92 they quit making them. It had a Motorcraft two barrel carb.
  • blondwookieblondwookie Posts: 225Member
    Honda used a carb through maybe 95. They we're rather goodand I can't spell the name of that carb either, but I replaced the wax plug choke a lot too
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