1937 Hudson ute

barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 608Expert Adviser
Recently went interstate 1300kms to outback NSW to chase up a lead - there was a 37T ute there. We found it, crushed and pushed down out of site towards a river. Was lucky to find the spare wheel well and complete spare wheel assembly. Thought someone would want it - Aust LHS. Im trying to unsieze it. Has been on the BBQ to break the rust seal, using CRC and now has a little movement. ozhudson@gmail.com


  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 608Expert Adviser
    Found the part numbers 121681 and 121685 - LH side wheel carrier for 1937 and 38.
    Not required for my 37T 4door.
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    sent you a email thanks
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