1928 Essex carburetor brass air choke tube.

atomommanatomomman Posts: 12Member
This is off my '28 Essex updraft carb.  I believe it was a Stromberg.  $75.00



  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,424Senior Contributor
    Sorry to inform you that it is not an original Essex Carby, which was a Detroit Lubricator Stewart Carburetor. 
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  • atomommanatomomman Posts: 12Member
    been 16 years, couldn't remember.  However it did come off my '28 Super Six.
  • HansHans Posts: 215Senior Contributor
    That is a neat piece of hardware.  looks like made of brass.
    Looks like a choke assy for a carb system.

    Can you show a picture of the rest of your Carb?  Perhaps assembled too.

    This could provide more info for a nonaluminum carb that could work on an Essex.
  • HansHans Posts: 215Senior Contributor
    Your picture kept me thinking,  went out to barn to check on another thing and looked thru carbs.  I have a Stewart carb with the same choker hardware.

    Must have come off one of my '27 Essex engines.

    It is neat how things may have been developed to improve driving conditions........way back then.......!
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