Dual Range Hydramatic and Drive Shaft Questions

beaverbikesbeaverbikes Posts: 29Member
Hello everyone. I've brought home a 53 308 and automatic trans to put in a 52 Hornet project. I'm doing my home work, searching and reading.........I have to say, you Hudson guys are generous with information.

First question: The dual range trans. I can't figure out yet from my reading, when you put it in the Low Range does that just keep it from shifting up into 4th gear? Or are other functions operating differently?

Next: The car I'm putting this in was originally Hydramatic, so I have the correct steering column and shifting stuff, (most of it) already in the car. But the only drive shaft I have came out of a manual car. And I don't have another to look at. The automatic setup is different? Maybe just the front half of the driveshaft assembly? I have a little bracket which mounts the long gone rubber bumpers, but maybe that is also different between manual and automatic?

I've been stuck on F*rd Flatheads for a few years, now I'm getting real interested in Hudson. Thanks!


  • beaverbikesbeaverbikes Posts: 29Member
    I couldn't figure out how to edit. I mean the difference in Hi Drive and Lo Drive. I know the Low gear position on shift indicator is different.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 662Member
    Ona dual range Hydramatic, if you select low, it actually starts out in second. Selecting 3 or 4, starts out in first. When drag racing with that trans,I would start in third. When it shifted to second, I would drop the selector into low, then shift to third and fourth at my desired rpm.
  • super-sixsuper-six Posts: 278Expert Adviser
    Drive 3 (Lo drive) will start in low, up shift normally and hold in 3rd gear. Drive 4 (Hi drive) will shift through all 4 gears.
  • LanceLance Posts: 952Member
    The drive shaft for a hydramatric is a different length than for a standard 3 speed or and overdrive job.
  • beaverbikesbeaverbikes Posts: 29Member
    Thanks everyone!
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