Autolite Coil

ValVal Posts: 929Member
My 39 has an Autolite IG 4656 well its supposed to have. Its a Niehoff brand. Anyway I am gonna have it tested this weekend. But I am concerned that it will fail as I felt the spark was weak last time I timed the car. Does any one have one of these coils or after market equivalent. I may need it.  


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,149Senior Contributor
    Main thing is to check that you have full voltage at the coil.   Worn contacts in the ignition switch, and dirty joints at various connections can  affect the  spark.   Turn the ignition on and check that you  have the same voltage at the coil as you have at the  battery connection to the starter solenoid.  
  • ValVal Posts: 929Member
    Ok, I'll do that after I get the coil tested. My Chapter president has Sun machine that test it. But if it test bad I would need another one 
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