We now have a 12V hi torque starter for 48-54 standard trans Hudsons.

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 I have been working with IMI on this project for a while and now have a 12v hi torque starter
available for the 48-54 232-262-308 standard transmission equipped Hudsons.
I've been running one on the 308 I have on my engine stand and it has worked great.


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    Here is the one on my engine stand. This conversion uses a Denso starter.

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    Great. We have two sources, now.
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    Is that nose custom made? How much for one?

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    If this works like the one for the hydramatic it is a winner.  I love mine.

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    Some time ago I made an adapter plate and fitted one of the little Denso starters to a 35 H8. At the time I formed the conclusion (can't remember how or why) that it would also fit any manual transmission car up to 54.
    If I was correct, the reverse will also be true and this step-down starter will retro fit back into the 30s, it won't take too much to check that out.

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    50C8DAN said:
    If this works like the one for the hydramatic it is a winner.  I love mine.

      I worked with the guy who makes the one for hydramatic application, several years ago to come up with one for the standard shift cars. It was a disaster.
    I had it on the same motor set up on a run stand. Unlike the automatic version, the Hudson standard shift version pulls the bendix back into the ring gear instead of pushing into the ring gear. The ring gear teeth are notched on the back side to enable the bendix to "pull" into the ring gear teeth. I sent the starter back to him as he could not come up with a workable solution.
     Jack and Chris at IMI had made me a hi torque unit for a Studebaker V8 I was working on  and in one of our conversations, Jack said he could come up with a solution so I sent him a 308 standard shift starter to use for measurements and worked with him giving measurements on the ring gear position in the bellhousing.
    IMI version has worked flawless so far.

  • LanceBLanceB Posts: 676Senior Contributor
    Does the pinon gear on the starter keep in contact with the flywheel and just free wheel around after starting?
  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,288Senior Contributor
    The pinion disengages after the engine starts same as a traditional starter.
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    The spacing is different for pre-Step-down starters, by about half an inch.  I have a Hornet starter fitted to a 8 cylinder engine, and have to fit spacers between the  mounting plate and the starter.  If bolted straight in the collar on the back of the  starter bears against the ring gear and the pinion cannot  come forward enough.  
  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,288Senior Contributor
    Thanks for that Geoff, good info.
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     Ok, IMI wants me to handle the Hudson starter sales. All starters will be drop shipped directly from them so double shipping cost will be saved.
    245.00 plus shipping.
    message me if you want one.  I'll take check, cash or paypal.
     (the last Studebaker Delco starter that I had professionally rebuilt was over 350.00 for cost comparison)  
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    Kerry, make sure that folks understand this is for 12V neg ground before they get too excited.  They are worth every penny if you have 12V!
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,482Senior Contributor
    YES, 12v negative Ground !!
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,482Senior Contributor
    Ken Ufheil brought up the question "will it work/fit in a lwb car without hitting the pittman arm". I know the swb cars steering box/pitman arm is further foward, but I see no way it will hit on a lwb car. So, in the mean time, I will try to find someone that can do a test fit on a lwb car.
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    Why is starter motor sensitive to positive or negative ground? also can you retain old ring gear?
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