I Need A Watson Stabilator Belt Bracket

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for the lower belt bracket for the Watson Stabilator. I have one and am in need of another for the other sider of the car. These connect to the top of the axle at the gooseneck bend. My car is a 1928 Hudson sedan, but they were used on other years and models too. The part is forged steel, quite strong and difficult to make. This Hudson bracket, evidently, is different from other cars that have the loop at 90 degrees, and that won't work at all. I need one belt clamp too, the second picture, for 1-1/2" wide belts.

If you happen too have a spare, please give me a call 973.713.9858


  • strangeplantstrangeplant Posts: 106Member
    So far, there has been no one that has this part, or can find one within their parts holdings. I did have a suggestion to contact Gene Samson, a vendor at Hershey that dealt in old car parts, but I can't find his contact info. Does anyone have his number?
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 1,048Member
    Were Wahl lever shocks available on 28's? 
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,623Senior Contributor
    Not until 1929

    If you're stuck in a hole, stop digging.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 1,048Member
    Thanks Geoff. I can't be of any help, then. Sorry.
  • andrewpandrewp Posts: 4Member
    Do you still need these parts? If so I can have a wee look to see what I may have
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,466Administrator
    Have you checked with Carl Weber or Dave Kostansek?  They're both in the Club roster.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 1,048Member
    andrewp said:
    Do you still need these parts? If so I can have a wee look to see what I may have
    I found a set on a spare front axle I had, and we made a deal for them.
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 655Expert Adviser
    I sent you one early this year, and have found another one.  ozhudsonatgmail.com
  • strangeplantstrangeplant Posts: 106Member
    I'm all OK for now with the Watson Stabilator mounting parts. Thanks Barry Sweet for your help.
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